Travel Mites & U8

Our Travel Mites program is geared toward the more experienced and older skaters within the Mite program. Skaters will be divided up based on skill and experience. Depending on the number of skaters, there will be multiple levels within travel mites and skaters will be placed with others of similar skill set.

This is a child's first taste of competitive hockey against other associations. There are no tryouts but unannounced evaluations with experienced hockey coaches will be part of the team building process. After evaluations, some skaters may be moved back to Mini-Mites to give them a chance to develop further.

There is a significant time and financial commitment to being part of the traveling program, and parents of younger skaters will want to take that into consideration when deciding if they want to sign their kids up for Travel Mites. This level is meant to prepare kids for Squirts and above.


Ages 7+

2-3 years experience




Chisago Lakes Ice Arena


2-3 times per week


Cross-ice and limited full ice games

2 tournaments

Some tournaments will be out of town.


USA Hockey registration is required which has additional fees associated to it for ages 6+. Please see the USA Hockey site for more information on membership details and registration.


Once you have completed registration and have selected Yes that you need a jersey(s) and socks, the Secretary will email you directly with the link to order and pay for your apparel. You will then be able to select a jersey number (if applicable) and sock size.

  • The cost of a jersey is $43 for a single jersey and $86 for both Home (White) and Away (Green) jerseys.
  • Socks are included in the registration fee, please indicate sock size only

New Players will need to purchase a Home (White) and Away (Green) jersey.

  • All new jerseys ordered will be based on a players top three choices that does not conflict with others

Returning Players have the option to keep their jerseys if they still fit and are in good condition

  • If you need to replace one or both jerseys, there is a question in the registration link. Check YES and a separate link will be sent for jersey info and the fee. The fee to replace jerseys is $43 for a single jersey or $86 a set.
  • If two players on the same team have the same number, the most senior skater will be given the option to keep their number.

***If a jersey is needed after order deadline, please contact the Hockey Operations Director to place an order. Jersey orders take 8-10 weeks.

If you have any questions, please email the Hockey Operations Director at


Adam Boleman

Mite Director

2022 - 2023

All registrations require USA hockey registration on top of CLHA fees.


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