Q: What basic skills are taught at the introductory levels?

A: Skaters will be taught how to balance on skates, how to skate forward and backward, how to stop, how to hold on to their stick, and how to shoot the puck. We will also teach rules of the game.

Q: What equipment is required?

A: Required equipment includes skates, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, gloves, hockey pants, socks, stick, suspenders, shin straps, garter belt, supporter, cup, tape, bag, mouth guard, neck protector.

Q: How can I become involved in the association?

A: Contact any of our board members. Contact information can be found in the About menu under Board Members. We are a volunteer association and encourage all members to get involved and join in the fun. All members are encouraged to attend board meetings, scheduled every second Monday of the month and held at the arena.

Q: Why should my child play hockey?

A: Hockey is fun sport for kids of all ages, ability and size. It is a great way for your child to engage in physical activity, especially during the winter months. They also develop lasting friendships because many of the children stay together playing hockey year-after-year. Our children become representatives of our community at games, tournaments and fundraisers.

Q: How much time will hockey take?

A: The season begins in September with registration and evaluations. The season ends in February. Practices and games are one hour in length and begin in October. The quantity of practices and games each week depends on the age level of the hockey player. The younger age levels can range between 2-3 practices and 1 game per week. The older age groups practice between 2-4 times and have 1-2 games per week.

Q: What team will my child be on?

A: Players will be placed on an age-appropriate team according to the USA Hockey rules. 

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