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Register for Little Wildcats Intro to Hockey with Coach Holly!

Mini Mites

CLHA Little Wildcats

Little Wildcats Intro to Hockey with Coach Holly
Begins Dec 6th at Chisago Lakes Ice Arnea
Little Wildcats (ages 4 to 7 and new to skating)
Sunday Afternoons at 3 pm
Dec 6th to Feb 28th
$39 with FREE Equipment Rental (deposit required)


In Minnesota, hockey is more than a game. It's a part of life.
It embodies who we are - capturing our passion, our
commitment and our joy. It's a connection to previous and
future generations and a source of pride for all Minnesotans.
Start a lifetime of memories this winter!


Little Wildcats Intro to Hockey Starts in



Not sure what level to register for or have questions about the program or equipment?

Contact Mite Coordinator Peter Smothers  at

CLHA Gun Raffle Results

Prize Retail Value Ticket # Winner
Browning Maaxus Hunter 12GA $1739 #146 James Juntinen
Winchester XPR-W/Scope 30-06 $729 #102 Danielle Danielson
Beretta A-300 Outdoor Semi Auto 12GA $899 #074 Max Mosser
Browning BPS 12GA Pump $679 #143 Aaron Anderson
Franchi Momentum Bolt .308 $599 #097 Jay Danielson
Winchester Camo SXP 12GA $510 #142 Riley Wagner
Ruger 10-22 Rifle .22LR $309 #204 Scott Kasal
Rossi HMR Bolt .17 Bolt $209 #088 Jason Bartlett
Mossberg 500 Pump Slug 20GA $299 #100 Jay Danielson
Savage Muddy Girl Axis Bolt w/Scope 7mm $499 #069 Julia Clark
Ruger American Bolt .22LR $279 #105 Dan Karpenko
Bear Saga 405 Crossbow $349 #148 Liz Weir
Bear - Youth Approach Vertical Bow $499 #096 Jay Danielson
Mathews Mission Hammer Compound Bow $309 #063 Karen Warnke
Hawke Endurance 30mm Wide Angle Scope $449 #140 Randy Engholm
Eagle Claw Shappell FX 200 Ice House 2 Person $369 #220 Marnie Williams

CLHA Gun Raffle

Hockey Families,

Raffle tickets for the 2020 CLHA Gun Raffle are available now.  Please spread the word to help make this a success.  Raffle Tickets are $75/ea - we'll only sell 225 tickets for 1-in-15 odds of winning. First come, first serve as they'll go very quickly.  Have you been in a big box type store lately and seen their gun selection? - They might want to buy a couple of raffle tickets from us!  Dibs commitment is considered fulfilled for the 2020-2021 season if you purchase 4.  (Dibs check is $400 for the season).  Please contact myself or a board member if you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing.  Contact info below for a couple additional board members   Raffle will be held November 16th.

Chris Phelps did a great job shopping for us this year and we are offering the following:  (In the event that you won a prize you weren't 100% thrilled with, Todd at St. Croix Outdoors has been very good about working out a trade towards something you do want). 

Prize List:

Browning Maaxus Hunter 12GA  $1739 Retail

Winchester XPR-W/Scope 30-06 $729

Beretta A-300 Ourdoor Semi Auto 12GA $899

Browning BPS 12GA Pump $679

Franchi Momentum Bolt .308 $599

Winchester Camo SXP 12GA $510

Ruger 10-22 Rifle .22LR $309

Rossi HMR Bolt .17Bolt $209

Mossberg 500 Pump Slug 20GA $299

Savage Muddy Girl Axis Bolt w/Scope 7mm $499

Ruger American Bolt .22LR $279

Bear Saga 405 Crossbow $349

Bear-Youth Approach Vertical Bow $499

Matthews Mission Hammer Compound Bow $309

Hawke Endurance 30mm Wide Angle Scope $449

Eagle Claw Shappell FX 200 Ice House 2 Person $369

$8830.00 Total in Prizes!

Eric Luoma


Phone: 651-717-5185

Troy Breitenbach

Director of Business Operations

Phone: 701.866.3928

Sara Nelson


Phone: 651-315-5225

Chisago Lakes Ice Arena LIVE BARN Discount Code

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Chisago Lakes Ice Arena is a LiveBarn Venue.  If you can’t make it to the rink, you can still stay connected by watching all events Live and On Demand.

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Association News

Try Hockey For Free Day Coming to Chisago Lakes

By Sara Johnson 11/01/2020, 10:15pm CST

CLHA Invites boys and girls to the rink on Nov. 7th!