Concussion Management

Concussions per MN Hockey Youth Rules and Regulations (page 27)

K. Concussions (refer to Minnesota Statute 121A.37)

  1. MH must make concussion information accessible to all coaches, officials, players and parents/ guardians, including the effects and risks of continuing to play after receiving a concussion. This includes the nature and risks of concussions associated with athletic activity, concussion symptoms, the need for urgent diagnosis and treatment when a player is suspected or observed to have received a concussion, and the need for concussed players to follow proper medical direction before returning to play. All coaches and officials must receive initial training regarding concussions and participate in refresher training every two years thereafter. Each coach shall complete and provide a coach concussion acknowledgement form to the association prior to participating in any team activities.
  2. Coaches, officials and/or medical attendants shall and are authorized to remove a player from participating if the player exhibits concussion signs, symptoms or behaviors, or is suspected of sustaining a concussion. A player removed from participation for this reason may not again participate until they no longer exhibit concussion signs, symptoms or behaviors and a "health care provider" evaluates the player and gives the player written permission to again participate, using MH's Return to Play Form. "Health care provider" means a third-party health care professional who is registered, licensed, certified or otherwise statutorily authorized by the state to provide medical treatment, and is practicing within their training and experience to evaluate and manage pediatric concussions. No coach, team doctor, team trainer, parent, guardian or relative can execute the Return to Play Form as a health care provider.
  3. A head coach or coach in charge of any team activity who has knowledge of a player sustaining a concussion or exhibiting concussion type symptoms shall complete a Minnesota Hockey Concussion Reporting and Return to Play form relating to the injury and ensure that the form is delivered to the team manager within 48 hours of receipt of information that a player sustained a concussion or exhibited concussion type symptoms. The team manager shall provide a copy of the report to the player’s parent or legal guardian, District Director and association president or other delegated representative tasked with monitoring reports under this rule. Until the completed Return to Play portion of the form is received by the team manager or coach, the coach and team manager shall ensure that the player does not participate in any team physical activities. A completed Return to Play form shall be kept by the team manager during the season and a copy provided to the USA Hockey Minnesota District Risk Manager and association president or delegated representative at the end of the year.
  4. The penalty for a knowing violation of this rule by a coach who fails to report a concussion or symptoms of a concussion, fails to timely complete and return a Minnesota Hockey Concussion Reporting and Return to Play form, or allows a player removed from team activities as a result of a concussion or who exhibited concussion type symptoms to participate in team physical activities prior to receipt of a signed medical clearance shall be as follows: for a first violation the coach shall be suspended for the next two games and any events between the two games; for a second violation the coach shall be suspended for two weeks; for a third violation the coach shall be suspended for a full calendar year.
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