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Youth Hockey Tryout Information

NOTE: The Girls Hockey Teams uses a different set of Tryout Policies, please see the link above for more information!

Check in: players will be allowed to check in to their respective level session 45 minutes prior to the start time.  For the Monday peewee and bantam scrimmages players will be allowed to check in one hour prior to the start of the scrimmage. 

One parent is required to sign in their player prior to each session.  Please accompany your player into the arena to sign in and verify your players pinnie number.  Once you have signed your player in he/she will be allowed to enter the arena. 

Parents/spectators: will be allowed in the upper level of the arena only.  No one other than checked in players and tryout staff will be allowed past the entry doors into the ice arena.  Please refer to the CLHA policy and procedures manual and Tryout Policies which can be found on the CLHA website.

Pursuant to the 2018-19 Tryout Policies and Procedures:
-          Parents will be allowed to watch tryouts
-          They must stay upstairs, behind the glass
-          No Cheering
-          No Coaching
-          No knocking or banging on the glass
-          The Board reserves the option to change this rule if it proves to be distracting to the players, evaluators or facilitators
-          The standard Parent conduct policy will also apply during Tryouts
-          Disruptive parents will be asked to leave the arena
-          Parents with concerns should bring those concerns first to the ACE Coordinator (Brady Peterson).  Care should be taken to ensure that the Parent Conduct Policy is followed.

Pinnies: after being provided with a pinnie at the first session of tryouts, players are expected to retain their pinnies and bring the same with them to EACH Tryout session. Following the Sunday sessions Tryout staff will collect the pinnies from each player.  The pinnies MUST be free from ALL knots and tape, etc. that may have been used to provide a better fit for the player.  If your player does not turn in his/her pinnie at the conclusion of the Sunday session there will be a $30 charge to the player’s account. Please remember we are collecting approximately 100 pinnies and we do not have the time to track down individual pinnies that are not turned in on Sunday following each session.

Locker rooms: players will not be allowed in the locker rooms until they are opened by the locker room attendant and that same person(s) will be present in the locker room at all times players are in the same. The locker rooms will be locked following the last player to exit the same and the key shall remain with the locker room monitor who will then open the room at the conclusion of the Tryout session.