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CLHA is excited to announce a co-op for our U10, U12 and U15 girls for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons with the Centennial Youth Hockey Association!  The co-op will be called “Prowl”.

Why Prowl

CLHA and Centennial have committed to growing the number of  girls in both hockey programs for the next 2 seasons with the goal of not being in a co-op for the 2020-21 season.

Both associations have struggled with sustaining numbers to support multiple teams at both the A and B level.  The co-op allows girls the opportunity to play at the appropriate level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I get more information about this?

You can contact Wade Westland, the CLHA Girls Director, at or Jason Aarnio, the CLHA President, at

Question: Is this a permanent change?

This is not a permanent change. CLHA and Centennial have agreed to merge the girls programs for only two seasons with the plan that both hockey associations will have grown enough to no longer need the co-op to provide skill-appropriate team placement.

Question: Where will my daughter skate?

Co-op players will skate at the Chisago Lakes Arena, the Centennial Arena, and the Blaine Super Rink. Practices will be split 60/40 based on the majority association.  For teams practicing 16 times per month it will roughly break down to 10 practices on CYHA ice and 6 on CLHA ice. Weekday practices will be at CYHA and weekend practices will be at CLHA.

Question: What will the association ratio be on the teams?

We won't know this until after the players have been evaluated. The teams will be balanced based upon skill level.

Question: What association do I register with?

You will continue to register with CLHA as your home association.

Question: What association will be coaching the teams?

The registration page for the Centennial pre-tryout skates states that they will be coaching the pre-tryout skates. However the pre-tryout skates, try-outs, evaluations, and coaching selection for the teams will all be done by a joint committee and coaching staff of the two associations.

Question: Who and how will tryouts be run?


Tryouts will be run using Centennial's Tryout Process on Centennial's ice. Tryouts will be coached by a joint coaching staff and players will be evaluated by a joint evaluation committee.

Question: Could we have continued the co-op agreement from the previous year for only U12 and U15 skaters?


CYHA was not interested in a co-op agreement unless it included all three age levels.

Question: Will the registration fees be more expensive?

The registration fees will remain the same as the what CLHA is charging its Squirt players. There is no special registration fee for PROWL skaters.

Question: Will ice times be scheduled to accommodate families in the eastern portions of the district? For example Taylor's Falls?

Practices times will be scheduled to accommodate all areas of CLHA. As such PROWL skaters will have access to prime time ice between 6:30pm and 8:30pm and every effort will be made to schedule practices in this window to help families in both associations with the drive.