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Registration Fees

2019-20 Season Fee Details


  1. Early Bird registration:$100 discount!

    • Registrations for returning CLHA skaters (Squirt and older) completed before Aug 20th  will have a $100 discount taken off their total registration.

  2. Electronic Signatures

    • Both skaters and parents are required to read and electronically sign:

      • Consent to treat

      • Code of Conduct

      • Concussion information

  3. DIBS

    • ​​​​​​​CLHA relies on the contributions of its members to ensure successful operation and viability. Volunteer hours, or "DIBS", are required of all families in CLHA. A deposit check will be required from all families, due to CLHA prior to October 1st. This year, families will be given the opportunity to "buy out" of the requirement to complete DIBS. Please watch for more information regarding DIBS deposits and buy out options after the June CLHA board meeting.

  4. Sponsor a Skater

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CLHA has a commitment to making hockey affordable, especially for our youngest skaters.  All Little Wildcats had their $25 fee paid for by a generous donation. Please consider contributing to this fund to continue this for future skaters.   All contributions are tax deductible and you’ll receive a tax donation letter from CLHA.

  5. IntelliGym

    • CLHA partnered with USA hockey to offer the USA Hockey IntelliGym program to our PeeWee/U12 and Bantam/U15 level players.

    • IntelliGym is a training tool for our players, focusing on hockey sense and training the brain. This is a proven cognitive training program that enhances the ability to anticipate the play. It's helped teams reduce injuries by 17%, concussions by 29%, all the while improving 'hockey sense' and more success on the ice

    • Because our association is aligning with this program, volume  discounts will save families almost 70% off individual pricing.  

    • We are encouraging all our PeeWee, U12, Bantam and U15 players to sign up for this program. It is up to the individual families to buy the program, CLHA  is simply helping to organize it, take advantage of volume pricing and because we believe it will make our players better and can reduce injuries.

    • The cost for CLHA players is $60 for 6 months or $100 for 12 months.

    • Once again, we're proud to offer another tool to our players that will make them better, more focused and more safe. For detailed information please see attached handout and links below. See Testimonials

    • Questions? Contact Brady Peterson, CLHA ACE Coordinator