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Raffle Tickets

Annual Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

Each year, families participate in the calendar raffle fundraiser which is CLHA's largest fundraiser! Proceeds from the raffle directly benefit all association members by supplementing the registration fees paid to cover the cost of hockey. 

Families with skaters at the mite/8U level and up are required to participate in the raffle. Families with 1 skater in CLHA at the aforementioned levels are required to sell 20 tickets, while families with 2+ skaters are required to sell 30. Families who do not wish to sell raffle tickets may always opt out by buying out of the requirement and remitting a check made out to CLHA in the amount of $200 (families with 1 skater) or $300 (families with 2+ skaters). 

New this year: Mini mites, and little wildcats are exempt from the raffle participation requirement, and are not counted as 'skaters' for purposes of determining required ticket sales. 

Tickets and money will be collected during the week of December 15 - 21st by team managers. 

If you wish to sell tickets over Christmas break, you must notify the treasurer and/or assistant treasurer and make arrangements to turn in tickets and money by Saturday, December 29th! Per MN Gambling Control Board regulations, tickets and money CANNOT be accepted after December 30th, 2019.